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What is LogstX?

An exclusive social media platform & load board for Logistics professionals worldwide.

How can I join LogstX?

LogstX is currently only available on mobile. Go to your mobile APP store and search "LogstX".

Web application will be available within the next couple months.

Mission Statement

LogstX is a global Logistics platform designed to connect and improve your professional career. We passionately believe in having multiple connections and resources to fulfill your projects. A community that has like minded individuals all striving for the same goal.

We are looking to finally unite the Logistics industry as it should be. We need our own platform, & our own network. A simple way without restrictions to search, post, & connect.

What are the features?

There are four main screens to navigate from within LogstX, listed as below.

1. Home Screen

The home screen is the first page you will be navigated to after logging in. This screen shows all your current status updates from you and your current connections. All status updates will be posted in this screen in a time sensitive manner.


Top left of the screen will feature your notifications. Anytime you get a new follow request, like, or chat message you will be given a notification alert. These alerts will be limited while using LogstX.

Notifications can be turned off and on. Toggle settings through your mobile device menu to change.


Top right will be the chat feature. Here you can send a direct message and hold a private conversation between you and any of your current followers.

2. Profile

This section is all about you. Details your current professional status.

Cover photo

Profile Picture

Work position/Company/Location

Includes to list information about you, work experience, and education.

Post a status update by clicking the "+" icon. This is a public post that your followers will see on the home page.

3. Connections

Add and manage your network connections. List will automatically populate with all your current connections. Here you can unfollow or search any of your contacts.

Two ways to search the network. Either search by a persons name, or search by the company.

4. Worldwide Load Board (Paid Subscription Portion) (Monthly, no contract)

Load Board is designed to make it as easy as possible to fulfill jobs. You can either post an available shipment or post your available equipment.

Posting a shipment

To post your available shipment click on the shipment BOX icon top left. Fill out the requested information such as pick up location, delivery location, type of truck need, and any extra comments you want shown. A chat option will be at the bottom right of the screen if you wish to activate.

Posting your equipment

To post your available equipment click on the TRUCK icon top right. Fill out the requested information such as locations, truck type, and any other information you want to type in the comments. A chat option will appear bottom right of the screen if you wish to activate.

**Chat feature**

Improve your work with a chat feature. An option to receive quick response to your posted shipments, or posted equipment. If you are not wanting to talk through the phone or want to give out your email right away, this is a great new feature to enable.

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